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Dale's Mattress Cleaning in Liverpool - Refreshing Any Beds Anywhere!

Get mattress cleaning in Liverpool from Dale's Carpet Cleaners and enjoy a service which over 97% of the customers have recommended! Here's why:

The clean you get will be delivered by a trained expert using the most advanced technology in the industry. Taking around 15 minutes per mattress, this method destroys any pests, and removes any dirt it comes into contact with. Leaving you free to get right into bed, without waiting for anything to dry!

Get a free quote on the service you need or make your booking now. You can pick up the phone and speak to one of our advisers live, 24/7 - on 020 3746 5328 - or contact us online at your convenience. We're here to help!

Why Hire Dale's Carpet Cleaners As Your Mattress Cleaners in Liverpool?

  • Advanced treatment suitable for any kind and size of mattress
  • Highly efficient cleansing that also kills bed bugs, dust mites, and their larvae
  • 24/7 customer care and support as standard
  • You can book us in as your mattress cleaners in Liverpool whenever's best - we operate 7 days a week
  • Stunning value for money - especially when you combine your order with the carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning you're already getting
  • Full insurance cover, protecting your peace of mind while we deal with your valuable bedding!

The Ins and Outs of Your Mattress Cleaning Services

High Quality Tools For Maximum Results

The UV light-based equipment which we use gets brilliant cleansing results without harming your mattress.

No Limit on Size or Number of Beds

Dale's mattress cleaning services are used by hoteliers and hostel owners across Liverpool... As well as local residents, of course!

Each Mattress Takes 15 Minutes or Less to Clean

That's how quick and easy this service is! So you'll always find it easy to fit in, and you'll never need to wait to use your bedding again either. It's immediately ready to snuggle up in.

A Highly Trained Bed Cleaning Force!

Providing high quality services is something we've put a lot of thought and effort into. It's the reason that when you hire us as your bed cleaners you'll only ever be sent a trained and experienced professional armed with the latest tools to complete your service.

It's also the reason that all the work we do is fully insured and guaranteed.