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Get Reliable Rug Cleaning in Liverpool from Dale's Carpet Cleaners

The most effective method to treat your fabric in particular. Specialist care for stains. And full insurance cover throughout. Dale's rug cleaning is used across Liverpool by home and business owners for some very good reasons! Here's a little more about how it works:

You'll get cleansing for your fabric delivered by a carefully chosen method. This can be either dry cleaning - usually for natural fibres - or steam cleaning, better suited to artificial materials. Any and all stains on your rugs will be treated first too, leaving them fresh and fragrant - and ready to brighten up your home!

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The Benefits of Hiring Dale's Carpet Cleaners As Your Rug Cleaners in Liverpool

  • Specialist treatments for different fabrics: we employ dry cleaning on natural weaves, and steam clenaing on artificial ones
  • Stains are treated for free: struggling with markings on your fabric? Your Liverpool rug cleaners deal with them first
  • Support services staffed 24/7: give us a call at any time of the day or night to set up your booking
  • Hassle-free services: your appointment will fit in with your schedule easily! Choose any day - Monday-Sunday
  • Speed up drying and protect your material: with optional Scotchgard protection or air mover hire
  • Get even better value: when you book carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning at the same time!
  • Rest and relax once you've booked: you're now covered by insurance protection, and are getting work from trained professionals

Specially Designed Rug Cleaning Services

Which is the Best Treatment For Your Fabric?

We'll help you decide. Most commonly, we recommend using our dry cleaning powders on natural materials, and hot water extraction tools on synthetic ones.

Can We Help Your Material Dry Faster or Stay Clean?

Yes we can! We offer air mover hire to speed the drying process, and optional Scotchgard protection to let you hold off on ordering more professional rug cleaning services for longer.

Will We Be Working in Your Home or Office?

It doesn't matter - you'll still be getting the same advanced cleansing! We're equally adept at treating valuable Oriental or Persian rugs in your own home as we are modern blended materials in your office or commercial property.

Dale's Local Specialists in Quality Fabric Care

Trained. Qualified. Covered by extensive insurance policies. When you hire us for cleaning your rugs in Liverpool, you know you're going to be getting results you can count on.

Any questions? Don't hesitate to give us a call, 24/7.